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All About Jessica

Jessica Lee Morgan is a whole-hearted singer songwriter who doesn't beat around the bush. She's been raised on rock and folk by legendary parents (Mary Hopkin and Tony Visconti) and writes songs that reflect her upbringing and jobs in the real world. As happy in a tiny club or a large theatre, she performs live with her acoustic guitar, percussion strapped to her army boots, and partner Christian Thomas on bass.

Jessica's released four albums, all recorded wherever her studio happens to be - boat, campervan, cider farm, scenic viewpoint on the A470... with Christian at the controls. The latest is Forthright, released in June 2020. They have been released on their own label, Space Records.

Jessica often collaborates with her mother, Mary, running the label Mary Hopkin Music. They wrote "The Less Said The Better" together on Jessica's new album, and wrote and sang a duet together, 'Here it All Comes Again', on Jessica's first album. Jessica sang backing vocals on Mary and Morgan's album You Look Familiar, among others. She has toured with Brian Willoughby and Cathryn Craig, completing the band for Very Hopkin: An Evening Without Mary Hopkin. She also sang 'Those Were The Days' at Wales at No.1 at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, sharing a stage with the likes of Shakin' Stevens, Richie Valence, James Dean Bradfield and Amy Wadge. Jessica also represented both parents at Ralph McTell's 75th birthday concert at The Royal Festival Hall in 2019. Both parents have a history of working with Ralph, from his fourth album to his most recent, on which Jessica also sang.

She plays 12-string, saxophone, percussion and vocals in the Bowie supergroup Holy Holy with her father Tony Visconti and Spiders from Mars drummer Woody Woodmansey. They've toured the UK, Canada, Europe and Japan. In the USA, as part of a 9-week tour, they played Carnegie Hall and Radio City along with such stars as Debbie Harry, Robyn Hitchcock, Perry Farrell, Cyndi Lauper and Ann Wilson. Very often Jessica shared the support slot with her singer/songwriter/composer brother, Morgan Visconti. She's also sung on his album, Ride.

2019 saw a Holy Holy UK tour and also a support slot for the second time on tour with psych-rock legend Robyn Hitchcock (and a third in Autumn 2021), as well as several solo dates and support slots with Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers (with whom she guested on saxophone), T.Rextasy, The Blow Monkeys and Mark Morriss of The Bluetones. Jessica has also been taking the role of Sandy Denny with premiere tribute band Coda Led Zeppelin, duetting on the 'Battle of Evermore' and playing a support set.

A new show called Fire and Rain and American Pie launched in January 2020 to a full house and appreciative audience. Jessica takes the female vocals, guitar and soprano sax in a set celebrating some of her favourite 70s American Songwriters such as Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell and Carole King. Paul Prem Nadama, band founder, takes the male vocals and guitar work of James Taylor, Don McLean and others. Christian is on bass, Vikas Botsford delivers piano and vocals and Al Innes is on drums. The show is touring UK theatres.

Jessica has sung 'Those Were The Days' to Baron Cobbald, founder of Knebworth Rock Festival, on his 80th birthday, and shared a stage as Polly Garter with Sir Ian McKellen for the Dylathon, directed by Michael Bogdanov. She also contributed two guest vocals on Decades, an album by David Palfreyman and Nicholas Pegg and featuring, among others, David Warner and Sarah Jane Morris.