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Jessica Lee Morgan is a whole-hearted singer songwriter who doesn't beat around the bush. She's been raised on rock and folk by legendary parents (Mary Hopkin and Tony Visconti) and writes songs that describe life as she sees it. As happy in a tiny club or a large theatre, she performs live with her acoustic guitar, percussion strapped to her army boots, and partner Christian Thomas on bass. Read more...

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Since the beginning of 2021, I've been releasing edited and mixed live shows, demo songs, special covers, video diaries and other bits and bobs on Patreon. The regular moral and financial support of lovely patrons really helps keep me going! You can browse and see what kinds of things there are and there are two subscription tiers - one for shows and one for shows plus extras.

picture by Christian Thomas picture by Marilyn Kingwill picture by Nick Hynan

(c)L-r: Christian Thomas, Marilyn Kingwill, Nick Hynan

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Packing Up (Forthright)

Packing Up (Forthright)

You Get What You Deserve (Around The Block)

You Get What You Deserve (Around The Block)

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JLM live stream birthday special 8pm show
JLM live stream 8pm show
Very Hopkin Sings You Look Familiar 12pm show

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