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Reviews and Interviews

She writes incredible songs that are both personal and universal at the same time...She has the confidence and sound of a veteran...Stripped down sound and pure honesty. - Spill Magazine

Fortunately Morgan has chosen precisely the best way to deal with her parental legacy: by striking out and establishing her own identity. Vocally and lyrically she's far more reminiscent of Vinegar Joe era Elkie Brooks than anything her parents were associated with, but without ever feeling like she's being imitative. Rightly with such a powerful vocal weapon at her disposal this album centres around her voice and personality. - We Are Cult

Around The Block is a statement from a serious artist. 'I Am Not', the first song on the album, sums up the album. Yes, she comes from a famous, musical family, but that is not who she is. She is Jessica Lee Morgan and needs to be heard in this light. Not as a daughter but a serious singer/songwriter. A great sophomore release, and I hope that there is not another long wait for her third album. - Spill Magazine

"Music connects us all." - Interview, The Strange Brew