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Change The Record

Change The Record by Jessica Lee Morgan

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Track Listing

  1. Gotta Get Thru This
  2. If You Wanna Believe
  3. Play For Me
  4. Comfort In Pain
  5. Ego Go-Go
  6. Change The Record
  7. Raining Rocks
  8. Don't Take It
  9. Hang On In There
  10. It's OK

The fifth album release by Jessica Lee Morgan brings a total change of mood.

This album will make you dance, and maybe think, and at the end, chill out.

Jessica returns to her early love of electronic music, which influenced part of her first album I Am Not.

All songs by Jessica, except 'Play For Me' which is co-written with Christian Thomas.

Poduced by Jessica and Christian

Programmed, sung and played by Jessica.

Extra programming, mixing and mastering by Christian.

Bass on 'Play For Me' and 'Raining Rocks', and extra backing vocals on 'Comfort In Pain' by Christian.

Packaging by Jessica.

CD duplication by M-T-S.