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Those Were The Days - The Show

Jessica Lee Morgan, daughter of Mary Hopkin and Tony Visconti, along with a stellar band, celebrates music by women from 1968 to 1976 in a new live show touring UK theatres.

In 1968, Mary Hopkin signed to The Beatles' Apple Records and had a number one worldwide hit with 'Those Were The Days'. In 1976 she had a daughter, Jessica.

Between those years, some phenomenal music was written and performed by women. From both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, Mary Hopkin, Joni Mitchell, Carole King, Dusty Springfield, Janis (Joplin and Ian), Sandy Denny and others wrote and performed songs that quickly became standards.

Jessica Lee Morgan is the daughter of Mary Hopkin and record producer Tony Visconti, an established singer-songwriter in her own right. Along with a wonderful band she examines the music of this era; her favourite songs and musicians which inspired her.

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Janette Mason plays piano and keyboards. Janette is an acclaimed pianist, arranger and composer. Her recent projects include 'Wall To Wall Bowie' with David McAlmont and Sam Obernick, and she has toured with Oasis, Seal and Robert Wyatt.

Paul Cuddeford is on guitars. Paul has played guitar for Bob Geldof, Ian Hunter, Steve Harley and Steve Norman, among others, and is also a successful composer for television.

Christian Thomas plays bass. Christian is Jessica's partner in life and music. He has played bass for several rock bands touring the UK. He has worked with Mary and Jessica on their recordings and Jessica's live shows since 2005 and has recently released two solo EPs.

Vincent Charles plays drums and percussion. Vincent has played and recorded with Dick Annegarn, Linton Kwesi Johnson, Electric Groove Temple, Jewels & The Jaccuzis, La Mort Subite, Mano Piano Collective, Maf E Tula, Jerome Savy (Carte de Sejour), Mark McCarthy (The WonderStuff).

Jessica, Janette and Paul play together in 'The Best of Bowie' with Jessica's father, Tony Visconti.

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